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About Literary Lynn, LLC

Literary Lynn LLC is a content marketing and editing company run by me, Lynn Brown, a writer, teacher, digital storyteller and traveler with a passion for creating work that educates and inspires. 


My work has been published in well known media outlets such as GQ, Ebony, Vice, and Conde Nast Traveler and I've worked with organizations such as Dell, Marriott and Duke University to create content that centers issues of diversity, culture, history and place. 

I have a passion for the written word that started in kindergarten and hasn't slowed down since.

For close to fifteen years I've been creating and promoting content that illuminates marginalized voices and has the potential to inspire positive change in the world. 

My latest projects

My Latest Projects

Kneeling Protestors
Traditional Library

Hidden History Travels Newsletter

The stories of communities of color, both tragic and triumphant have been grossly under-reported for centuries. However, this historical context is an important part of understanding the present situation vis a vis race relations and injustice in America.

The "Hidden History Travels" newsletter, utilizes academic research, historical records, and expert interviews to create a monthly newsletters that tells readers where to go to learn more about the overlooked stories of history. Find it here.

Writing and Literature Classes

I'm currently an adjunct professor at CUNY's Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism, teaching Craft, Features Writing and the Business of Freelancing, as well as undergraduate adjunct in the liberal arts department at the New School for Social Research and The Juilliard School.

A series of online classes and workshops on freelance writing and travel journalism that are open to everyone, are currently in development and will be available for enrollment in 2024.

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